G.F. Puhl trim collection systems are designed, built, installed and backed by a family tradition that spans more than 80 years in the air systems business.

It all started in the 1920s when Edward Peter Puhl, an engineer for a shoe manufacturing company, realized that air conveyance systems could be used to remove rubber and leather dust from shoe manufacturing lines. Seeing the business opportunity, Edward Peter co-founded Puhl & Hepper in 1929 and began designing, installing and servicing pneumatic systems in the shoe manufacturing and related industries.

In 1945, Edward’s son, Robert Edward Puhl, joined Puhl & Hepper as a sales engineer, designing pneumatic conveyance solutions for his father’s company. After 15 years in the family business, Robert Edward left Puhl & Hepper and moved his family to Goodlettsville, Tennessee. It was 1960 and the R.E. Puhl Company was born.

In 1974, Gregg Puhl joined R.E. Puhl Company as a sheet metal apprentice and worked in a number of roles in his father’s company. When R.E. Puhl Company closed in 1980, Gregg worked as a salesman for Wolf & Sons. Within a few years, Gregg knew it was time to resurrect the family business.

Armed with a few air conveyance projects that Wolfe & Sons had allowed him to take with him, Gregg launched G.F. Puhl in 1983 from his three-bedroom apartment. After just a few months, Gregg won his first new project, a trim collection system for a large commercial printer in Dallas, Texas. He designed the system himself and subcontracted the fabrication and installation parts of the project to local vendors.

As the business grew, Gregg hired a road crew to handle installation and then discovered that his fabrication subcontractors were having difficulty meeting the demand for parts. In 1985, G.F. Puhl moved into a facility in Goodlettsville, Tennessee and began manufacturing many of components used in his custom trim collection systems.

By 2007, the company had outgrown its Goodlettsville manufacturing location and moved to its current 51,000 square-foot facility in Gallatin, Tennessee. Today, G.F. Puhl employs 54 and serves customers worldwide.