From simple to complex, Puhl can do it.

Every G.F. Puhl system features a customized operator interface perfectly matched to your methods, your machines and the skill of your maintenance personnel.

If you want the basics, G.F. Puhl delivers. But we can do much more.

Our talented engineers have pioneered many state-of-the-art control system innovations that reduce downtime, expedite repairs, increase convenience and enhance quality of life for maintenance personnel. All controls are designed, built and commissioned by our in-house electrical engineering team.

Remote Monitoring. Let us worry about system performance while you focus on what really matters. G.F. Puhl technicians connect to your system via phone line or VPN connection and monitor the performance of your entire system and its components.

Remote Troubleshooting. Get help faster when trouble strikes. G.F. Puhl technicians can evaluate the performance of the entire system, zero in on a component that isn’t functioning properly and make adjustments to improve performance—all via modem or VPN.

Hands-Off Operation. Cut labor costs with controls that require little or no human intervention. Choose from simple push button and pilot light controls to total hands off systems that use your facility’s Ethernet network as the backbone of system communication.

Mobile System Alerts. Monitor system performance no matter where you are. Get status updates and system alerts delivered to your mobile phone via email or text message.

Remote Operation. During troubleshooting, G.F. Puhl technicians can turn system components on and off under controlled conditions.

G.F. Puhl innovation delivers more than you expect and is more affordable than you might think. Call G.F. Puhl today to learn more about how customized control options can pay bottom-line benefits. Call us at 615.230.9500 or email us at