No One Knows Printing Like G.F. Puhl

The world’s leading commercial printers rely on G.F. Puhl for systems that work right from the start, maximize through-put and capture every shred of revenue.

G.F. Puhl customizes your system to accommodate all the by-products generated by printing, binding and finishing processes, including trim waste from equipment, dust, rejected product, roll waste and other waste products.

Click on the images below to see schematics of G.F. Puhl systems in the commercial printing, binding and finishing applications.

Bindery/Finishing By-Products System

Press By-Products System

Visit the Gallery to see examples of G.F. Puhl systems.

To learn more about how a G.F. Puhl trim collection system can help you increase productivity, reduce cost, capture by-products revenue and protect the environment, call 615.230.9500 or email