Heavy-Duty is Our Middle Name

Everyone at G.F. Puhl is obsessive about product quality—and you won’t find our customers complaining. It’s one of the things they like most about working with us.

Our relentless attention to detail results in reliable and long-lasting trim collection systems that work from the start and keep working long after other brands have failed.

Since we design and build many of our own components, our design engineers control every aspect of the manufacturing process. 3-D computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing push our product quality to a level few competitors can match. What we don’t make on-site we purchase from leading manufacturers who share our unwavering commitment to quality. Everything in your system is built to last.

  • Heavy duty angle ring ductwork connections, fabricated duct hangers, angle flanges and rectangular duct construction
  • Heavy duty blower construction featuring laser-cut blades for near-perfect dynamic balance upon fabrication
  • Equipment support structures engineered to suit your facility
  • Conveying velocities include an extra margin of safety to prevent system jams

When you work with G.F. Puhl, your trim collection system is design, installed and commissioned with high performance in mind. G.F. Puhl systems and components work. We guarantee it.

To learn more about how a G.F. Puhl trim collection system can help you increase productivity, reduce cost, capture by-products revenue and protect the environment, call 615.230.9500 or email sales@GFPuhl.com.