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Get the Results You Demand

You have more important things to worry about—like running your business—instead of worrying about the performance of your trim collection system.

Freedom to focus on the big picture of your business is just one of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose G.F. Puhl. Here’s what else you can expect from a custom-built trim waste collection system:

  • Control waste streams with segregation and dust emissions control capabilities designed to meet your needs
  • Increase production with durable system components that perform long after the warranty expires
  • Generate revenue from trim waste segregated and consolidated to command top recycling dollars per ton
  • Cut labor costs with automated systems that reduce headcount and minimize potential for operator error
  • Reduce make-up air system requirements by returning conditioned and filtered air to the plant, eliminating the need for costly make-up air systems
  • Be prepared for business changes with systems that can be designed to expand or reduce production capacity
  • Avoid costly shut-downs with system alerts delivered by e-mail or text message and remote system monitoring

Call G.F. Puhl today to learn more about how your company can get better results from your trim collection system. Call us at 615.230.9500 or email us at sales@GFPuhl.com.