Live Webinar: Dangers of Combustible Dust in the Workplace

Live Webinar

Dangers of Combustible Dust in the Workplace

Tue, February 28, 2017 | Time: 1:00 pm ET | 12:00 pm CT | Duration : 60 Minutes | Presented By : Bruce Ferries

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Combustible Dust: Hazard Assessment, Housekeeping Plan, and Federal Regulations.

In the period of past 25 years, combustible dust has claimed over 300 lives and has caused well over 800 injuries. It is a costly hazard as it causes damage to the workplace and equipment. The variables that need to be understood regarding combustible dust include particle size, methods of dispersion, ventilation, air currents, and ignition sources.

This session by expert speaker Bruce Ferries, who is an OSHA Certified Instructor, will open your eyes to this costly hazard and will help you identify ways to eliminate this dangerous hazard. He will explain the regulations and guidance provided by the government agencies to mitigate this hazard. This session will also help you identify a potential combustible dust hazard in the safety data sheet and will provide vital understanding on combustible dust. Additionally, you’ll get directions and tips for hazard assessment and training to help your organization establish a good housekeeping plan to mitigate combustible dust.

Session Highlights:

  •  How to identify combustible dust and why it exists in the workplace?
  • Characteristics of combustible dust; and how it will detonate via the combustible dust pentagon?
  • How to identify combustible dust in your workplace?
  • The dangers attributed to this workplace hazard.
  • Mitigation procedures to control this hazard, including engineering and administrative controls.
  • And More!

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