Planning Ahead for Your Next System

Does your capital budget include a new trim collection system in the next three years? A little pre-planning can help you avoid embarrassing budget mismatches on scrap and dust collection projects.

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Merry Christmas from Your Friends at G.F. Puhl

During this season of reflection, we pause to send you best wishes for a joyous holiday.

Merry Christmas from all of us at G.F. Puhl Company.

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The Fabulous Adventures of Mr. Baker - Christmas Edition

Every Christmas, the precious Puhl pup plays a paramount role in the holiday preparations. 

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How Do They Do It?

Have you ever wondered how a cyclone filter is placed? In this video, a crane lifts a five-story high cyclone/filter off a truck, then spins it using two cables and two winches. This dual winch crane saved the customer from having to rent a second crane for the lift. In addition, a single crane required less space to operate in the truck bay area allowing the customer’s operations to continue uninterrupted.

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The Fabulous Adventures of Mr. Baker

What's it like to live in Mr. Baker's world? The answer might surprise you.

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