Heavy Duty Spiral Duct Done Right the First Time

Without the network of ductwork and fittings, trim collection systems are nothing more than a collection of spare parts.That’s why G.F. Puhl fabricates our own heavy-duty fittings and spiral duct for your trim system application. We have the ability to produce spiral duct in dimensions from 3" to 60" in our Gallatin, Tennessee manufacturing facility.

No matter what you need—ductwork and fittings for a new system or replacement parts for an existing system—our skilled craftsmen can produce what you need with the quick turnaround you expect, even in emergency situations.

G.F. Puhl craftsmen fabricate a specialized fitting for a trim collection system

Square to round fitting, also known as the Puhl Rocket, efficiently connects many small inlet pipes into a single transport pipe

For detailed dimensions and specifications for G.F. Puhl spiral duct and fittings, visit the TECHNICAL LIBRARY.

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