Expert Installation Gives You Confidence

It’s one thing to build a high-quality trim waste removal system. It’s another thing to install it. That’s why you’ll find the G.F. Puhl approach so refreshing.

Instead of always relying on local subcontractors who may not understand the unique installation requirements of pneumatic systems or share our demanding work standards, G.F. Puhl takes a different approach. We employ five full-time installation teams who travel the country installing our custom-designed waste collection systems. One of these crews will install your system.

G.F. Puhl’s installation crews handle every aspect of mechanical, electrical and control systems installation, bringing years of experience and thorough training to your project. Our most experienced crew leader has been on the G.F. Puhl payroll for 23 years. Our installers have an average tenure of 8 years and a combined total of 112.5 years of experience. Many are on a first-name basis with personnel in our customers’ plants. And that’s the way they like it!

Well-equipped company trucks arrive at your site stocked with the tools, safety equipment and supplies needed to do the job right. Our safety director is available to inspect the installation and makes sure crews are adhering to your safety rules. In fact, G.F. Puhl employees work so safely that they received the "Award of Merit for Field Installation Crews" by Hartford Insurance in four of the last seven years.

After the installation is complete, commissioning begins. CLICK HERE to learn more about how G.F. Puhl supports you during the start-up of your system.

To learn more about our approach to system installation, call 615.230.9500 or email