What do you want from your trim collection system?

The experts at G.F. Puhl help you find out.

If you’re not sure what you really need, you’re not alone. Many with existing systems tell us that they’ve never really understood how their system worked or what its capabilities were. That’s why the G.F. Puhl survey is so valuable.

Every G.F. Puhl initial project analysis includes:

  1. Evaluation of processes involved to determine the types and volumes of waste paper to be handled
  2. Examination of every piece of equipment attached to the system
  3. Evaluation of the physical plant influences/requirements that affect system design
  4. Preparing system design specifications covering balers, blowers, ductwork, material handling systems, utility requirements, dust handling/return air systems.

Our survey process reveals where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow and how a new or improved waste collection system can help you meet your goals. It helps you understand the opportunities, the constraints, the potential payoffs and the tradeoffs. It empowers you with the information you need to make the right decision about your trim system investment. It sets the stage for a positive long-term relationship—one where your productivity is our priority.

For more information about G.F. Puhl’s survey process, call 615.230.9500 or email sales@GFPuhl.com. Once you give G.F. Puhl the green light to move forward with your project, design begins. CLICK HERE to learn more about what happens next.