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Blowers & Fans

Blowers that Last

Rugged and reliable, G.F. Puhl blowers and fans have proven their capabilities on thousands of tough applications. We have over 6,500 in the field and the average lifetime exceeds 20 years! State-of-the art technology and skilled craftsmanship come together in our on-site manufacturing facility where we have the capacity to build blowers and fans from the very small to super-sized. Need a replacement blower in a hurry? Our on-site manufacturing facility and nationwide parts network give you the emergency coverage you demand. Enjoy the industry’s quickest turnaround on replacement blowers and fans—no matter when or where you need them.


Visit our Technical Library for detailed specifications for Series 100 blowers designed for air conveyance systems handling paper, paperboard, and other materials, and Series 200 centrifugal fans designed for industrial material handling applications.

Need more information? Interested in learning more about how a complete G.F. Puhl trim collection system can benefit your operation? Call 615.230.9500 to speak to a G.F. Puhl sales representative or email us.

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