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Guiding Principles

Trim Systems Built Around Your Needs

At G.F. Puhl, three core principles guide everything we do. Here’s what they are—and why they matter so much to G.F. Puhl customers.

Quality is Your North Star

Quality is Your North Star

Quality is Our North Star

At G.F. Puhl, we know that quality matters. That’s why we design and build many of our own components. Our design engineers control every aspect of the manufacturing process, and 3-D computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing push our product quality to a level few competitors can match. What we don’t make on-site is purchased from leading manufacturers who share our unwavering commitment to quality. Everything in your system is built to last.

  • Heavy duty angle ring ductwork connections, fabricated duct hangers, angle flanges and rectangular duct construction.

  • Heavy duty blower construction featuring laser-cut blades for near-perfect dynamic balance upon fabrication.

  • Equipment support structures engineered to suit your facility.

  • Conveying velocities include an extra margin of safety to prevent system jams.

Quality is about more than just equipment. It’s about making things easier for our customers—like handling interactions with building code officials during system design, meeting installation deadlines and responding quickly to problems. Quality is about standing by our customers no matter what. When you work with G.F. Puhl, your trim collection system is design, installed, and commissioned with high performance in mind. G.F. Puhl systems and components work. We guarantee it.

Your Company: In It for the Results

Freedom to focus on the big picture of your business is just one of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose G.F. Puhl. What other results can you expect from your G.F. Puhl trim waste collection system?

  • Control waste streams with segregation and dust emissions control capabilities designed to meet your needs.

  • Increase production with durable system components that perform long after the warranty expires.

  • Generate revenue from trim waste segregated and consolidated to command top recycling dollars per ton.

  • Cut labor costs with automated systems that reduce headcount and minimize potential for operator error.

  • Reduce make-up air system requirements by returning conditioned and filtered air to the plant, eliminating the need for costly make-up air systems.

  • Be prepared for business changes with systems that can be designed to expand or reduce production capacity.

  • Manage down time more efficiently with our new Wi-Fi broadcast-enabled controls. See and control the system from more than one location via ethernet-wired HMI remotes. 

Long-Term Relationships


If the vendor who installs your air system goes out of business, their service and performance guarantees become meaningless. Here-today-gone-tomorrow vendors in the air system industry have not always lasted as long as the warranty they promised. Many companies that once installed pneumatic-conveyed scrap systems have left the air systems business or disappeared entirely. G.F. Puhl was founded 36 years ago—in 1983—which in the air systems world is a very long time. Only one company in the nation has been around longer—and they don’t typically serve the same industries as G.F. Puhl.

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