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Custom Systems

When It Has to Work, Choose G.F. Puhl

G.F. Puhl helps you turn trim waste into revenue with custom-built trim waste collection systems that come with features and guarantees unrivaled in the industry. From turnkey scrap conveying and dust control systems to material discharge units, trim collection systems, baling solutions, and filter units, no one knows trim systems better than G.F. Puhl.

Built to Run, Built to Last

Every custom-built system is assembled on a backbone of blowers, ductwork, balers, switch valves, waste separators or cyclones, shredders, conveyors, balers, controls, and other parts and components that our experts select to meet the unique needs of your operation. 

We've Got You Covered

If G. F. Puhl provided a quote on your system or installed a component, we most likely have your plant’s drawings in our data base. In just a few seconds, we can have your drawings up on our computer screen and help you solve your problem—fast—even if the component was installed by another company. 

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