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Replacement Parts, Bags, Consumables

Extend Your System’s Peak Performance

What’s the easiest way to keep your system running like it did when it was new? Follow the recommended schedule in your system owner’s manual for replacing parts like blower fan wheels and shafts, motors, air lock rotors, and consumables like dust collector bags, airlock tips, filter pulse valves, filter cartridges, belts, and bearings. Order everything from G.F. Puhl’s in-house parts department with a single phone call or email. You’ll appreciate quick turnaround on all orders and expedited service on fan wheels and shafts that can take up to six weeks to receive from the OEM.

Need more information? Interested in learning more about how a complete G.F. Puhl trim collection system can benefit your operation? Call 615.230.9500 to speak to a G.F. Puhl sales representative or email us.

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