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At G.F. Puhl, we believe an educated customer is the best customer of all. That’s why we have assembled all the technical details and performance data about equipment used in our systems, including components manufactured by G.F. Puhl, in one convenient location.

G.F. Puhl Series 100 Blowers

  • Developed from extensive use on paper, paperboard and other materials

  • Non-clogging wheel designed for dependable, long-life, trouble-free operation

  • Air volumes up to 17,000 C.F.M.

  • Up to 26" static pressure


Learn more about Series 1 blower components, features, blower mounting assembly, bolt tightening sequence, and specifications.

series 100 blowers

G.F. Puhl Series 200 Blowers: Features

The Series 200 blower is designed specifically for industrial material handling applications. These blowers have proven their capabilities on hundreds of tough applications all across the country.

  • Welded construction provides rigidity for rugged industrial applications. In smaller sizes, welded housing and bases are bolted together so that housing can be unbolted and rotated to other discharge position in the field.

  • Rotatable and reversible: Series 200 blowers can be rotated in the field to achieve various discharges.

  • Lifting lugs on all blower sizes for ease of handling.

  • Flanged inlets and outlets with holes on all fans; slip connections available as an option.

  • Laser-cut blades for minimal balance weight requirements to 0 oz.

  • Bearing: Ball or spherical roller bearing selected for extended service life over full catalog range.

  • Shafting: Turned, ground, and polishing shafting is straightened to close tolerance to minimize "run out" and ensure smooth operation.

  • Precise balancing: Series 200 blower wheels are dynamically balanced before final assembly; after assembly, all fans are test-run at as-ordered operating speed.

series 200 blowers
series 200: features

G.F. Puhl Series 200 Blowers: Belt Drives

The use of standard V-belt drive flexibility in fan performance is enhanced by changing sheaves and belts. In the lower horsepower ranges, V-belt drive selection is relatively simple, but as horsepower requirements increase, V-belt drive selection becomes more complicated and requires more consideration of the drive's effect on fan and motor bearings.

Although there are exceptions to every rule, there are a few general recommendations to remember:

  1. 3600 RPM motors are not generally recommended for belt drives above 20 H.P.

  2. 1800 RPM motors are not recommended for belt drives above 300 H.P.

  3. All motors 125 H.P. and larger, which are to be used with belt driven fans, require that the motor manufacturer:

    • Recommend the minimum diameter motor sheaves which may be used.

    • Recommend the maximum diameter motor sheaves which may be used. With the above information from the motor manufacturer, the drive can be selected.

series 200: belt drivers

G.F. Puhl Series 200 Blowers: Arrangements

Arrangement 5 with Unitary Base ~ Complete motor and drive information is necessary when ordering (see maximum motor frame chart).

Maximum temperatures:

  • Standard fan: 300°F

  • With shaft cooler and heat shield: 600°F


209               215T

211               286T

213               326T

215               326T

217               326T

219               405T

221               405T

223               405T

226               405T

229               447T

233               447T

237               447T

series 200: arrangements

G.F. Puhl Series 200 Blowers: Accessories

Split Housing ~ Sizes 219 and larger are available with horizontally split housings. Bars are welded to housing for bolting sections together. Fans with split housing are not rotatable or reversible.


Type A:

  • Available on Top Horizontal, Bottom Horizontal, Up Blast, Down Blast, and Top Angular Up fans

  • Horizontal split allows removal of section without disturbing inlet

  • Outlet must be disconnected on Up Blast and Top Angular Fans


Type B:

  • Available on Top Angular Down and Bottom Angular Up fans

  • Pie-shaped section is removable without disturbing inlet or outlet

series 200: accessories

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Learn more about the manufacturers we trust to build components for G.F. Puhl systems, and the companies we partner with to make life easier for you.

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Blowers:  New York Blower -


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Learn more about the associations and organizations whose safety-related standards may apply to your operation.

Explosion Hazards:  National Fire Protection Association -

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