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No One Knows Trim Collection Systems Better than G.F. Puhl

G.F. Puhl designs, manufactures, installs, and services pneumatic paper waste collection systems for companies in the commercial printing, folding carton, corrugated box, envelope, direct mail, package printing, board converting, and document destruction industries.

Since its launch in 1983, G.F. Puhl has become a leader in the trim collection industry. Based in suburban Nashville, Tennessee, the company is best known for its high-performing air conveyance systems that help more than 4,000 customers in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Asia reach their revenue, profitability, and safety goals.

G.F. Puhl: Conventional Print/Bind Experts

​The world’s leading commercial printers rely on G.F. Puhl for systems that work right from the start, maximize through-put, and capture every shred of revenue. G.F. Puhl customizes your system to accommodate by-products generated by printing, binding, and finishing processes, including trim waste from equipment, dust, rejected product, roll waste, and other waste products.

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conventional printing

Gateway to WCH & GP

Scrap, Trim and Dust Collection Systems.  Done Right the First Time.

With so many companies out there claiming to offer full-service pneumatic waste collection systems, why choose G.F. Puhl? Quality, service, know-how, and engineering horsepower generate results that keep customers coming back. And our approach makes us a preferred vendor in every market we serve.

No One Knows Digital Printing Like G.F. Puhl

​Count on G.F. Puhl for digital printing trim collection systems that accommodate your unique work mix and waste segregation challenges.

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digtal printing

Doing It Right the First Time

G.F. Puhl systems are custom-designed to handle all types of waste from your corrugated production process no matter what size or volume of trim is produced. No process is too large or small for a G.F. Puhl system to handle.

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Customized Solutions for Folding Carton Manufacturers

G.F. Puhl folding carton systems are capable of capturing, conveying, and separating every type of scrap produced by your folding carton production process, including waste from die cutters, cut-outs, lead edge trim or skeletons.

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folding carton

Mailed Products & Document Destruction

​Trust G.F. Puhl for waste collection systems that can handle the most demanding and sensitive direct mail, envelope, and document destruction requirements; capturing, conveying, and separating every type of paper in your production process. The largest envelope scrap system in the world was designed and installed by G.F. Puhl.

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