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Custom Controls to Meet Your Needs

G.F. Puhl’s basic electrical package, standard with most trim collection systems, can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Our basic electrical package includes electrical schematics, motor controls designed and selected for the particular loads, photo eyes, pressure transducers, and system control panels sized for your current application and future expansion. You also get a programmable logic control sized for the system, operator interface, all engineering services required to develop the power distribution system and control system, programming for the programmable logic controls, application development for the operator interface, commissioning, installation support, commissioning and training.

Most standard control systems are PLC-based. Vendors include Allen-Bradley, Siemans, and others. G.F. Puhl also offers a several control system upgrades such as starter disconnects and frequency drives.

Need more information? Interested in learning more about how a complete G.F. Puhl trim collection system can benefit your operation? Call 615.230.9500 to speak to a G.F. Puhl sales representative or email us.

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