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The Gregg Factor

One of the most powerful tools in the G.F. Puhl arsenal is the unique perspective of founder Gregg Puhl. As a business owner familiar with the profitability pressures his customers face, he understands how a trim collection system affects both cost and revenue line items.


“When I’m looking at a production process, I put myself in my customer’s shoes," says Puhl, who has been designing, installing and servicing trim collection systems for more than 40 years. “How would I want the system to work if I were running the plant? What features, controls, safeguards, and alerts would I want? How would I build a system to meet my needs today and allow for future expansion? How would I balance the tradeoffs to get the most through-put, maximum material segregation, and the most recycling revenue for the least cost?"


Gregg Puhl’s ability to design solutions that take a company’s big picture into account has won him—and the company that bears his name—a loyal following of customers who return to G.F. Puhl again and again for their trim collection system needs.

Engineering Horsepower

G.F. Puhl’s in-house engineering team is unrivaled in the industry. Our degreed mechanical and electrical engineers work together to design turn-key systems that feature conveniences and capabilities not available elsewhere.


The team at G.F. Puhl knows trim collection systems better than anyone else in the business. From the executive suite to the installation crews, G.F. Puhl has experience where it counts. Founder Gregg Puhl has been designing, building, installing, and servicing systems for more than 40 years. Puhl executives and sales staff have more than 90 years of combined experience. Several installation team members have been with G.F. Puhl for more than 25 years, and the average tenure is nearly 10 years.


We design, build, and install systems that work, assembled from high-quality components that stand the test of time. The quality going out the door is top notch. G.F. Puhl has never had a system pulled for non-performance. Learn more about the guiding principles behind our approach.

Customer Service

Everything about our company is structured to take care of our customers. Our no matter what commitment to your productivity means we do whatever it takes to keep your G.F. Puhl system running smoothly. You get a single point of access for everything you need after your system is commissioned—troubleshooting, repairs, upgrades and more—with no runaround and no hassle.

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