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Static Suppressors

Static Suppressors for
Trim Collection Systems 

Ease of installation, cost efficiency, and no-fuss mechanics make Puhl static suppressors the solution of choice for static problems in your paper trim collection system.


How does a static suppressor work? When chopped or granulated materials are drawn or blown through ductwork at high speeds, enough friction is created to charge the waste material with static electricity. Once charged, the bits of waste material may stick to each other or cling to the inside of the ductwork and air separator. This quickly clogs the system. Puhl static suppressors reduce the static charge and enable materials to move freely through your duct system.

Need more information? Interested in learning more about how a complete G.F. Puhl trim collection system can benefit your operation? Call 615.230.9500 to speak to a G.F. Puhl sales representative or email us.

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