Air Conveying Systems

When it has to work, choose G.F. Puhl. Since 1983, G.F. Puhl has been setting the standard of excellence for air-conveyed paper waste recovery solutions. Our custom-built systems maximize productivity, recapture lost revenue from waste, protect the environment, save energy, reduce labor costs and help our customers sleep better at night.

Backed with the industry’s most comprehensive performance and service guarantees, more than 4,000 G.F. Puhl systems are in operation today in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and China. CLICK HERE to see where they are.

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Puhl system helps customer increase sustainability.

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Dear Gregg,

I just wanted to communicate back to this group how well our recently installed Puhl remanufactured Selco baler is operating. This was a badly needed change to our operation, getting rid of the old manual-tie baler. Thanks to all of you for your assistance. You’re a great group to work with, always delivering exactly what you promise. Dixon Direct appreciates your commitment to making our business more efficient.

Rich Boysen, VP/GM Dixon Direct

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