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G.F. Puhl Celebrates 40 Years in Business

There are a lot of faces behind the name, The G.F. Puhl Company, Inc., but there is one face that has been present for every day of the past 40 years: Gregg Puhl.

Gregg Puhl has a saying that he’s “grateful that he’s only had to hang one shingle” over all these years. His leadership, vision, and dedication have served our customers well and employed many of us for decades. The 40th anniversary reminds us how grateful we are for those who were part of the Puhl team who have passed on, and those who are with us today pulling forward as a team.

Gregg’s father closed shop in June of 1980 due to medical illness and, at that time, Gregg went to work for a local mechanical contractor until June of 1983. That was when he made the decision to “hang his own shingle” and start up what is today a full-scale engineering, fabrication, and installation company for air-conveyed trim and dust collection systems. Gregg officially opened the doors of G.F. Puhl on June 15,1983 and has never looked back. Based on the job number log, we’re well over 20,000 projects and counting.

Congratulations & Happy 40th Anniversary to The Puhl Team!

Enjoy the 40th Anniversary Photo Gallery

Most of the Puhl team. There are a few who couldn't attend the photo shoot, including four field crews and others currently out traveling.
The team gathers in front of the Puhl headquarters while Gregg’s wife, Janet, directs all of us for the photo shoot.
Two members of the shop crew, Michiel and Omar, stop in for the celebration.
Lining up for Grillworx food truck for lunch.
When there is food involved, our feisty mascot Baker is always nearby. Shop foreman Kenneth Crane is reassuring Baker that he will get some of the goodies.
The Puhl executive team: VP of Finance William Henley, President Gregg Puhl, and VP of Engineering Jim Curtis.
Gregg Puhl with Salesman Ray Vander Wielen.
Gregg Puhl with his daughter and Executive Assistant Brittany Poole.
Gregg and Janet Puhl.
Gregg Puhl with Electrical Engineering Dept. Manager Joseph Poole and his wife, Brittany Poole.
Gregg Puhl with Director of Sales and Marketing Greg Bumb.
Brittany and Joseph Poole with Gregg and Janet Puhl.
Gregg Puhl with Inside Sales Representative Mark Lackey.

Gregg Puhl with Shipping Coordinator Aron Dorris.

Joseph Poole with Lead Engineering Draftsman Jonathan Lumpkins.


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