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At G.F. Puhl, we believe an educated customer is the best customer of all. That’s why we have assembled all the technical details and performance data about equipment used in our systems in one convenient location.

Other Product Details for components manufactured by G.F. Puhl.

Equipment File Desciption
Blowers   Series 100
  Series 200
Shredders  pdf Floor Sweep Shredder: Dimensions and general information.
Switch Valves  pdf In Line Switch Valve: Dimensions and general information.
Cyclones  pdf Cyclones: Dimensions and specifications.
Spiral Ductwork  pdf Spiral Ductwork: Dimensions and general information.
Conveyors   Conveyors: Specifications and dimensions.
Trim Separator pdf Trim Separators: Dimensions and specifications

Vendor Links ~ information about the manufacturers we trust to build components for G.F. Puhl systems

Equipment Vendor Website
Balers Balemaster
American Baler
Shredders Vecoplan
Blowers New York Blower
Filters Farr
Briquetters Weima
Controls Allen-Bradley

Safety Links ~ Associations and organizations whose safety-related standards may apply to your operation.

Safety Issue Association Website
Explosion Hazards National Fire Protection Association

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This link is provided to our customers and vendors to enable them to exchange large files with us as an alternative to email.

If you are not authorized by having an account, username and password, you can request one by email  and we will set it up for you.

There will be an /inbound/ and an /outbound/ directory to contain the files to be exchanged; "inbound" files are to be transmitted from the customer or vendor to G. F. Puhl and "outbound" are to be transmitted from G. F. Puhl to the customer or vendor. Using a browser or an FTP client, simply upload or download the files to the appropriate directory as necessary. Our FTP site is accessible by using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or various FTP client packages. NOTE: Older versions of IE and some Firefox versions do not work in all cases and cannot be guaranteed to work. CuteFTP and AceFTP have been tested and do work well.